We are ready to help you with all of your chimney and fireplace needs!  
  • Chimney Sweeping fireplaces, stoves and furnaces in the Taos area
  • Crown and Chimney Top repairs
  • Wood and Gas Fireplace installations
  • Wood and Gas Zero Clearance Fireplaces sold and installed
  • Masonry Chimney Waterproofing
  • Chimney Covers and Custom Chase Covers in Stainless and Copper
  • Chimney Relining in Rigid and Flexible Stainless Steel
  • Fireplace Smoke Chamber sealing and Repairs using Smoke-tite silica spray;     Chamber Tech or Chamber Safe parging compounds.
  • Southwest style (kiva) Fireplace Restoration including Excavations, Firebox and Smoke Chamber Reconstruction, Flue Relining and damper installation.
  • Damper Installations
  • Smoking Fireplaces Mitigated
  • Chimney Extensions Installed and Downdrafts Corrected
  • Consulting, Evaluations and Real Estate Inspections
  • Fireplace and Wood Stove Accessories Sold and Installed
  • Dryer Vents Cleaned and Repaired/Upgraded
Inspection of Chimney

Jeremiah working on relining a chimney to accommodate a wood stove insert.

Replacing the chimney that exhausts this well known fireplace at the St. Bernard.

The empty corner of this Taos living room just became the visual focal point after we installed an Adobelite "Ornito Kiva" fireplace and air cooled chimney. The simplest of the Adobelite model line, these prefabricated Santa Fe style fireplaces are engineered to work with wood or gas and provide that warm design element which announces you are home. 

ABOVE VIDEO: We provide inspection services for real estate sales, code compliance issues, and general fireplace and chimney condition reports. These inspections are graded by the NFPA 211 Standard as Level 1, visual, Level 2, camera, and Level 3, invasive, (when we have to remove component fireplace or housing materials in order to thoroughly view)  inspections.  This video documents the inspection of a vitreous clay tile flue liner in a standard masonry chimney. In this instance, without using a chimney camera, we showcase damage a liner can sustain that is consistent with the effects of a chimney fire; the cracking compromises the ability of the liner to contain the products of combustion thereby rendering the fireplace unusable according the the NFPA 211 Standard. The liner is not code compliant and needs replacing.

BELOW: During and after installation at the St. Bernard, Taos Ski Valley.

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